by Zigglegarf at 4:36 PM
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I think it's pretty clear our Garry's Mod Servers are pretty much gone. They're empty all the time, and after 1000+ hours of playing I'm tired of Garry's Mod. No... its more than that I want to kill it with fire! Take it away! I never want to see it again! So what do you want us to try next? I want to try something fun and new... something different. Oh and the first person to guess what the title of the email referenced gets a cookie.
by Zigglegarf at 6:58 PM
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If you're new to the server or know someone new who would want to download all our maps at once you can refer them here to download the map pack. This pack might not include all of our maps as it becomes outdated.

You'll need to download 7-Zip to open this archive.

If you have any questions or tutorial requests please post them below.
by MONGLER at 6:00 PM
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The call has been moved from tonight (2/28) to tomorrow. (2/29)

Just letting everybody know. Please tell anybody else that you think might not have checked the forums.

Start Times:
1PM - Pacific (GMT -8:00
2PM - Mountain (GMT -7:00)
3PM - Central (GMT -6:00)
4PM - Eastern (GMT -5:00)
9PM - London (GMT 0:00)
by Mr1Adrian at 1:12 AM
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Hey guys.
So me and ziggle have decided that him and I will be hosting a skype call for staff of shl and that goes for both TTT and DarkRP servers. Now this will only be for staff. It will be on Friday and it will last as long as it takes. And by staff I mean moderators and up. We will be discussing on a ton of topics about SHL and going to look into the conflicts and solve them. Ziggle, Mongler and I want to get out of this shithole that we are in as quickly as possible and get back to being in the top 400 rankings for BOTH servers. So for staff make sure you brainstorm some ideas/solutions during the week to get ready for the conference. And sorry for the rest of the players but if you want, tell a staff member your idea/solution and they can bring it with them to the call.